Graded and Certified Diamonds


Diamond Certification is a document that is given by third-party laboratories that study a diamond’s characteristics. Most of these certifications come from laboratories such as AGS, EGL, IGI, GIA, GSI, and HRD.

What’s in a Certification?

The certificate should include grading and descriptions of the diamond’s color, clarity, carat, cut, length, and width. Diamond experts are trained professionals who use various tools in analyzing, evaluating, and measuring diamonds. 

Diamond certifications are different from each other, that’s why the value and price of diamonds vary as well with different certification bodies. That’s why when you decide to sell your certified diamonds to reputable diamond buyers, it is important that your certification is from a reputable organization.

Best Diamond Certifications

There are a lot of organizations that give out diamond certifications, but the two best certifications are from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). They are very consistent in their methods of grading diamonds. These two laboratories are also more meticulous in their analysis and evaluation of the diamonds. However, certifications from other laboratories are reputable as well.

Below are some of the most reputable diamond grading bodies globally.

GIA Certification

The Gemological Institute of America or GIA is the most well known and well-respected diamond grading body. GIA studies and evaluate diamonds in terms of different factors, including but not limited to:

  • Carat Weight
  • Diamond Shape
  • Cutting Style
  • Cut Grade
  • Symmetry
  • Polish Grade
  • Color Grade

AGS Certification

The American Gem Society (AGS) prides itself on the very first lab to give diamond cut grades. They’ve introduced their method of grading diamond cuts years before GIA introduced theirs. The AGS has a unique cut grading system where each diamond cut is rated from 0 to 9 where 0 is the ideal grade.

IGI Certification

The International Gemological Institute or IGI is the most popular that major jewelry companies in the United States and Canada use. The IGI works like supply chain companies: fast and efficient. Their prices are also more superior than GIA’s prices which appeals more to diamond sellers and not with consumers.