Care For Your Diamonds

How you care for your diamonds can have a great impact on their value. The way you care for your diamonds is important, especially if you hope to sell them later. Diamonds while a durable precious stone, still need to cared for. Diamonds while unbreakable in most instances can be tarnished in other ways. There are some facts to remember in the care for your diamonds. Diamonds are easy to get dirty, especially by oils secreted by skin. Touching a diamond deposits oils on it that dull its appearance. Cleaning your diamond regularly is crucial. Regular cleaning of your diamonds keeps the luster and brilliance of them picture perfect. There are many old wives tales and products on the market on how to clean your diamonds. The easiest way to clean your diamond daily is to soak it in ammonia based cleaner. The soak can be done overnight for the best results. This soak can be done one to two times a week at most. Soaking rather than brushing or using abrasives is the way to go, as this eliminates the chance of damaging prongs or settings. Regularly having the settings, prongs, and metals surrounding your diamonds is also crucial. This will prevent any accidental loss of your diamond from falling out of its mounting.

Ensuring the care of your diamonds is the best way to ensure the longevity of the piece itself as well as the value. Keeping up on the care of our diamonds can help when you are looking to sell your diamonds. It may be helpful to carefully and correctly clean your diamonds before bringing them in to sell. Buyers appreciate clean and well cared for diamonds, as it is easier for them to assess their value. Selling your diamonds can be done at many dealers and retailers both locally and online. It is always best when selling your diamonds to utilize a local buyer. A local buyer should be licensed and bonded to buy the diamonds you are selling. A buyer should also have exclusive experience in diamond evaluations. Buyers certified by GIA as gemologists or dealers are your best option. We are a local dealer that has two GIA trained buyers.