Color Of Diamonds

Diamonds are a popular and valuable gemstone used in many jewelry items. Diamonds are sought after for their shine and durability. When looking at diamonds to buy or sell, it is always good to use the four c’s as a general guideline. There are specific schools, like the GIA, that teach jewelers, gemologists, and buyers about diamonds. The four c’s of diamond selling are the cut, color, clarity, and carat size. The color of diamonds is one of the ways to find the value of diamonds. The color of diamonds is graded on a scale. This color scale ranges from D through Z. All diamonds are seen as white, even if they have various other colors. True colored diamonds are called fancy diamonds. Fancy diamonds come in shades of blue, pink, and yellow. Fancy diamonds are graded on a separate scale of color. The color of all white diamonds ranges from colorless or D to light color or Z. Ideally, diamonds should be colorless or near colorless, D through J on the grading scale. The colorless level of the diamond directly correlates to increased value. Buyers will look for the subtle color of a diamond via many tools such as diamond lights and diamond microscopes.

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