Diamond Cutting Styles

When fashioning diamond jewelry, jewelers utilize various methods and styles to cut diamonds. While some might think the cut is the actual shape of the diamond, it actually refers to diamond’s overall symmetry, proportion, and polish of the diamond. The cut of a diamond directly correlates to the brilliance of a diamond. The brilliance or sparkle of a diamond is part of a diamond’s overall value, the more luminous the higher the price. When referring to the cut of a diamond, many buyers and sellers speak of a diamond’s facets. The arrangement of facets is very symmetrical and denotes the shape of the diamond. There have been many diamond cuts throughout history, they wax and wane in popularity over time. Older cuts such as the Point, Table, Mazarin, and Peruzzi can be found in antique jewelry. Diamond cutting styles have evolved over time and can be quite complex.

Our buyers are well trained in the multitude of diamond cutting styles. An experienced and competent buyer will be able to differentiate between antique, vintage, and modern diamond cutting styles. Many of our buyers have been trained by the GIA in the evaluation of diamonds. Buyers in our stores utilize various methods to determine a diamonds cut. The cut of a diamond is only one part of the evaluation of a diamond done by our buyer. A buyer will factor in a diamond’s cut, clarity, and carat size. Our buyers want to buy any diamonds you wish to sell that are 1.00 carat or bigger. Selling diamonds in gold or platinum settings? We will buy them! Want to sell any loose diamonds? We buy those too! When you bring your diamond items to sell, we evaluate them in a complimentary consultation. Sell your diamonds to us in our safe, secure, and private locations. We pride ourselves on experience, customer service, and offering the most competitive prices in town. Selling your diamonds to us is a safe and profitable bet!