Free Evaluations

If you are interested in selling your items at Nevada Coin Mart, you can expect a free evaluation from our friendly staff members. One way of getting this free evaluation is to visit the store with your items at hand. Whatever jewelry or bullion you bring in, our team will gladly assist you and initiate having your items inspected and evaluated by experts right in front of you. This way, you can monitor how your items are handled and ensure that we leave no damage on them. Neil Sackmary, together with his team of certified experts on gemology, is always ready to entertain those who come into the store to have their items appraised and evaluated.

Another way of redeeming a free item evaluation from NCM is to visit their page and go straight to the Free Quote tab on their homepage. This page leads you to a form that will allow you to upload photos of the item that you wish to sell. Upon receiving your message, our experts inspect the item on the image and give you their first impressions. In this process, however, you will still have to visit the store so the staff members can take a closer look on your items. Doing so can help the experts give you the best offer possible for your items.

For those who do not wish to fill up the form but still want to get a free initial evaluation, sending an email or a text message to Nevada Coin Mart is also an option. Their contact details are as follows:

Again, item evaluations at Nevada Coin Mart are free of charge. So, choose to bring your jewelry and bullion items to our store, and discover just how much your pieces are worth.