Diamond Bangle Bracelets


Bangles are stiff bracelets that typically come with various materials like glass, metal, plastic, or wood. At first, South Asian and African women are the ones who commonly wear this type of bracelet. Then, as later civilizations learned trading and bartering, the trend of wearing bangles became popular. Now, you’ll see various nations wearing the same thing

Further, bangles with different materials such as agate, bronze, copper, gold, etc., have been unearthed from numerous archeological sites all over the Indian subcontinent. In Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan, British archeologists unearthed a sculpture of a dancing girl wearing bangles. Historians claim that these bangles have a history tracing way back to 2600 BCE.  Today, bangles play an important role in Indian weddings, as they signify longevity, good luck and prosperity.

Bangle Styles

Just like how bracelets and other jewelry pieces have different styles, bangles also have three main styles. One can distinguish styles based on their physical attributes. Let’s go over some of the most common ones below:

  • Solid bangles are the most common type of bangle; it is one solid piece without hinges and is worn by pushing it over the hand.
  • Split bangles have a hinge that can be opened and closed, often with a lock to secure it.
  • Torque bangles or cuffs have a gap on one side that allows the wearer to slip in on the forearm. 

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