Coin collecting has been a popular pastime for many over the decades. The ability to collect rare and valuable coins has been made easier with the advent of online retailers and local dealers. Those interested in coin collecting often start collecting silver coins. Are you a coin collector looking to buy or sell silver coins? Did a relative gift you their coin collection and are you looking to buy or sell? As a licensed dealer we are the retailer for you. With multiple convenient locations, we can help you with your silver coins, whether you are buying or selling. When looking to buy or sell silver coins collectors are most interested in the intrinsic and numistic values of their silver coins. Silver coins have been seen as valuable for both their face, intrinsic, and numistic value for centuries. Silver coins were some of the first types of currency used around the world.

Silver coin collectors and buyers are often looking to find the most rare and most mint conditioned coins they can. These are the coins that have the highest values. Our numismatic buyers at our stores can help you navigate the complex coin market whether you are looking to sell or want to add to your collection. When selling your silver coins, our buyers will personally go over your items with you. A buyer will look at the rarity, condition, weight, mint, and age of the coin to determine its value. Silver coins come in a variety of types. Many collectors only focus on American silver coins. For example, silver Morgan dollars are a sought after item. Our buyers know that Morgan dollars are comprised of 90% silver and have a 26.7 grams. The buyer will also easily be able to discern which mint the Morgan dollar originated from- Philadelphia, Denver, Carson City, San Francisco, or New Orleans. The buyer will also be aware of the current market price of silver, which will also determine the offer made on silver coins.