Neil is a good dude…..he spent the time educating us and clearly communicating what an item is worth.  I chatted with several other similar companies in town and all they told me was to come in.  We decided to hold on to our item for now but I must say that if you are interested in selling something…..Neil is your guy.  He’s straight and honest…..and you really can’t ask for more than that!

Sabo M.

I’m new to the buying and selling market, I stopped  in with a gold ring with a small diamond, Ron offered me double what I paid for it which was great, but being new to the industry I went to 20 other pawnshops and jewelry stores to realize I wasted my time going to the other shops. When I went back a few days later Ron remembered who I was and within a few minutes I had the cash in hand but more importantly had a reliable source for future business. Thank you Ron.

Glynis B.

I came to visit Las Vegas and could not pass the chance to visit Nevada Coin Mart. I had a gold jewelry set with diamonds that had to let go. I came from California and didn’t know where to sell it. When I came in the store, I was pleasantly welcomed. Straightforward service and I believe it was the highest payout I got. I had experienced low ballers and nothing comes close to Nevada Coin Mart. Thank you, Neil and everyone who works there!