Diamond Bracelets


Bracelets are bodily ornaments that are traditionally worn on the wrists. These ornaments are made from different materials such as fabric, wood, beads, or metals, and they can also be adorned with various objects such as rocks, shells, feathers, gemstones, and many more. Bracelets are versatile jewelry and can also be functional rather than decorative.

Brief History of Bracelets

The first use of bracelets was recorded as early as 40,000 BCE making it one of the oldest types of jewelry known to man. Early civilizations used bracelets as status symbols, societal membership, protection, and more. Today, bracelets are popular in healthcare practices such as medical condition identification (if the wearer suffers from illness such as early-onset dementia), medical alerts devices, health monitors, and more. However, the bracelet’s use as a fashion accessory remains.

Diamond Bracelets

Gemstones have been used in bracelets since ancient times and are still being used today. One of the most popular gemstones that are used in bracelets is diamonds. The most well-known type of diamond bracelets is the Tennis bracelet. The tennis bracelet is like an eternity ring. They are almost entirely made up of diamonds that are set closely together and completely fit on the wearer’s wrist. 

There are many different types of diamond bracelets today. Diamonds can be set on all kinds of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, sterling silver, platinum, and palladium. 

Below is a list of common diamond settings that are used in diamond bracelets.

  • Bezel Setting
  • Stationed Bezel in Chain
  • Prong Setting
  • Channel Setting

Diamond Bracelets Buyer

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